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7 Fabulous Ideas to Use Mirrors in Your Wedding Décor

Irrespective of wedding style- modern, vintage, or classic, the creative and mindful use of mirrors as decorative elements can elevate your décor. Mirrors are extremely versatile as they can be incorporated into a variety of wedding decor.

Available in a riot of sizes, shapes and designs to fit your exclusive wedding decor need, mirrors not only add an extra dash of zing to your event, but they give a specious and brighter vibe to small interiors. If looking for some fabulous ways to incorporate mirrors into your wedding decor like a pro, scroll on to see the 7 mirrored wedding

Pretty Welcome Sign

Placing a mirrored welcome sign at the entrance of the wedding venue to greet the guests is a superb way to add a touch of elegance to your ceremony. You can write any type of personalized message, a funny quote or just the word ‘Welcome’ on the mirror. If using a large modern mirror as a welcome sign you will have sufficient space to even add the wedding schedule.

Escort Card Display or Seating Chart

Whether you want an individual escort card for each guest or a large seating chart with all the invitees’ names, you can display it using mirrors and that too in accordance with your wedding theme. For example, to add a classy touch to your wedding decor you can use floor size mirrors with ornate frames showcasing all the guests’ names in the form of one large seating chart or opt for a large modern mirror with sleek metal border to lead the guests to their seats in style.

Beautiful Table top and Table number

Looking to make a statement on your D-day? You can consider splurging money on some beautiful mirrored table tops or a sweetheart table etched with your wedding date. You can even use a mirrored sweetheart table decorated with white flowers and linens as a centrepiece instead of spending huge amounts of money on mirrored table tops rental. To take your wedding decor to the next level, you can use small-framed contemporary mirrors emblazoned with table numbers to direct guests to their places.

Stunning Backdrop

An extra-large baroque mirror backdrop decorated with flowers and linens can be used as an exquisite backdrop to add a classy touch to the wedding decor. To enhance the visual interest of the décor, you can use a three-panel mirror with silhouettes of the couple or an oversize mirror displaying the wedding vows. You can also use a stunning reflective backdrop to make your head table shine. Use flowers, lien and other decorative items to take the mirrored wedding décor to the next level.

Unique Menu Cards

Displaying your wedding dinner menu on an eye-caching mirror can bring a touch of elegance to your wedding decor. Instead of using a statement extra large floor mirror, you can place small acrylic mirrors with illustrations of the dining menu on each table matching the overall theme of your big day.

Warm Thank You Note

Let your wedding guests know how thankful you are for being a part of your D-day with a hand-lettered ‘thank you’ note on a small vintage mirror or cute acrylic mirror. A heartfelt thank you message laid out in beautiful calligraphy on an ornate mirror can elevate the wedding décor for sure.

Pretty Bar Sign

Using a hand-lettered or gold engraved mirror bar menu is also a great idea to add a zing of style and glam to your wedding decor. An exquisitely engraved round mirror boasting an acrylic bar menu can be used as a unique wedding decorative item. If planning an outdoor wedding, having a mirrored bar that reflects the beautiful natural backdrop is a must to take the décor to a new height.

Mirrors are versatile and they provide numerous wedding décor possibilities. From a unique welcome sign, stunning dinner menu, a gorgeous backdrop to show-stopping wedding centrepieces, mirrors can be used in multiple ways to elevate your wedding décor. Incorporate mirrors in your wedding decoration in a fabulous way to create a magical and eternal ambience.

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