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Decorative Bathroom Mirror Design for Sink and Vanity

Mirrors may be useful in any area, but especially in the bathroom. Sure, the utility should always take first, but most exquisite bathroom mirrors can serve as decorative statements, converting even the most basic of spaces into a sight to behold. Consider the following bathroom mirror designs: many of them will complement your bathroom's current aesthetic (modern, classic, or vintage), meanwhile many others will add a new dimension. Some of these mirrors are framed and others are unframed to reflect natural and overhead light, making the area look even larger than it is.

These art deco wall mirrors will surely help if you're looking for a simple way to glam up your vanity area or raise the tones of sensuality above your sink area. Although the focus of such designs is on mirrors, many of them will also provide you inspiration for new backdrop paint ideas and marble layouts if you've decided to do a complete makeover.

  • Metal and Mirror

Place a gilt antler mirror on herringbone tile to make a strong statement. Gold-brushed towel rings, light fixtures, and hardware complete the look.

  • Horizontal Mirror that Sweeps

Try something out of the ordinary by attaching modest glass sconces on each hem of the mirror. To make a small area look larger, incorporate a frame similar (or as near as possible) to the wall colour.

  • Navy Trimmed Mirror

The mirror's frame is elevated by painting it the same colour as the moulding.  Keep the ornamental details — notably the light fixtures — in a juxtaposing color for extra interest.

  • Cohesive Appeal

Give your bathroom a unified appeal by maintaining the singular look of your bathroom implements and mirror frame.

  • Slanted Full-length Mirror

To create a brighter, airier feeling, install a full-body length mirror leaning over a wall.

  • Mirrors for Oval Double Sinks

To create symmetry, place two smaller mirrors just over a twin-sink vanity.

  • Mirror with Bevels

With a rectangle mirror adorned with tarnished pewter edges, you can embrace the bathroom's elegant look. Sconces in a comparable finish can be used to frame it.

  • Traditional Mirror

Dress a regular bathroom in the vintage-style arm, dresser, and hanging mirrors to bring it back in time.

traditional mirror
  • Practical Mirror

Install a magnifying mirror adjacent to a mirrored cosmetic cabinet to act as a vanity mirror. You may see your reflection from an adequate reach or extremely zoomed-in in this fashion.

  • Mirror with Light

A trimmed round mirror with an LED light frame will brighten up your area. Choose one with a soft light to fit the calming atmosphere of your bathroom.

  • Mirror with a Slant

Attach a bigger mirror with a downward slope so you can view your whole reflection. Metal sconces on both hems help to balance things out.

  • Curved Mirror

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option, especially if your area is cluttered with different textures and designs. A modestly curved bathroom mirror gives a sense of refinement to this pattern-filled bathroom, contrasting the flowers and geometric designs.

  • Mirrors with No Frame

Fill a blank wall with mirrors to deceive the eye if you're working with a limited area. Choose mirrors in a variety of (but complimentary) forms and sizes, then add shelves underneath to optimise storage space.

  • Mirror with Wooden Accent

To add to the rustic feel of the bathroom, use a mirror with a distressed walnut wood border. To make the area more informal, use varied wood tones throughout, such as a whitewashed vanity.

  • Hanging Mirrors

By suspending mirrors framed in wood from the roof with a rope and pulley mechanism, you may avoid obscuring the windows behind the vanity.

  • Traditional Round Mirror

Circle mirrors are as traditional and stylish as it gets. Place it in the centre of your vanity so that you can place sconces on both sides for an equal illumination.

traditional round mirror
  • Mirrors with Layers of Gold

Mirrors in gleaming gold provide a touch of opulence. All forms of polished frames will have the same impact - copper, silver, brushed bronze, or whatever else matches your area.

  • Frameless Mirror

Because frames take up extra room, going frameless is a terrific way to make the most of any available wall space. Furthermore, the minimalistic style is appropriate for almost any aesthetic: modern, classic, farmhouse-inspired, and so on.

  • Modern Gen Mirror

Pair an asymmetrical mirror with a terrazzo vanity top to add personality to your bathroom's décor.

  • Mirrored Wall

Collect a collection of vintage mirrors to make an eye-catching gallery wall. Make sure the one just over the sink is large enough to show your complete face — ovals and extra large round bathroom mirror work best.

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