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Effective Ways to Use mirrors in your Garden

The evolution of wall mirrors from a necessity to one of the top trends in modern-day home décor is hardly debatable. Not only are they founts of positivity, but also illusionists of space that irradiate your home through natural reflected light.

While many may not know this, but it is a fact that mirrors are used in gardens all across the world in various fashions to glorify the garden’s beauty. Keep reading to find out different ways to use mirrors in your garden.

Why mirrors?

Mirrors are not just reflective walls; they have much more meaning than that. For us humans, they force one to observe themselves, to question themselves, to find their weaknesses, to cherish their beauty and to contemplate on their scars. Similarly, for a garden too, mirrors bring out a different dimension, a unique style.

Gardening as a culture

Gardening has become more than a hobby for roughly 40 % of the population in the United Kingdom. In fact, to be precise, 27 million people practice gardening in UK and gardening has seen steady growth in the last decade. It won’t be wrong in saying that gardening is evolving from a hobby into a culture.

Now, while the idea of using mirrors in a garden is highly underrated, here are some simple yet elegant ways to use mirrors in a garden.

  1. Making your small garden unique:

    The garden space may be small and gardening might be minimal, but mirrors at the right place could easily double the number of plants without actually doubling the money spent. A mirror behind a beautiful plant or a flower would create a mesmerizing view for people to spectate and gaze all day. Make sure to place the mirror at a low level against a wall, that way your flowers would be highlighted perfectly.

  1. Create an optical illusion:

    A wooden door frame or any door frame along with a art deco full length mirror would be the best choice to create an optical illusion. What might seem a secret door to Alice’s wonderland would actually be a simple illusion. Place the door frame in front of the mirror and attach one end so as to make it look like the door could be opened. Add some extra features such as a half-broken stone placed in front of the mirror for an even more convincing look.

  1. Plain Walls can be dull:

    Who could ever find a plain old wall attractive? But worry not; one can always style their walls with some antique mirrors. A white french mirror is definitely a strong contender here; it goes with almost all types of walls and adds a certain richness to its look.

  1. Let there be light:

    Often gardeners face this problem wherein they find some spaces in their garden where light doesn’t reach or is very dim. With the help of mirrors aligned in a specific order, some amount of light could be thrown on those dark spaces and plants which require very less light could be grown there.

  1. Have fun with sculptures:

    This is one of the best ways to use a mirror in a garden. However, one needs a sculpture, preferably one that can be broken and used. All one needs to do is take a large oval mirror, place it on a stand and glue certain parts of the sculpture on to the mirror surface so as to showcase the sculpture coming out of the mirror. If done right, it would be an absolute wonder.

  1. Pond from a mirror:

    Water bodies, too such act as a reflecting surface, why not exploit this fact to advantage? A mirror placed on the ground with a few rocks on both of its sides and some plantations nearby looks exactly like a small pond. This is really easy to do and the results are astonishing. With so many floor mirrors for sale both online and in stores, this is indeed a simple yet elegant garden hack.

What’s the wait for?

Own a garden? Want to make it even more pleasing to the eye. Use these tricks to beautify your garden which would literally make people stop and watch. If one owns a mirror, well and good, if not, one can always get one at the best prices both online and in stores. Happy Gardening!

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