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Perfect Ways to Combine Sideboards With Wall Mirrors

While there is no dearth of ideas when it comes to using wall mirrors for home décor, combining these mirrors with a sideboard is one prominent way of adding magnificence to your living space. However, working out the right combination can be exigent as it needs to be quintessential in terms of size, color, shape and texture.

To assist you, here we have listed some ways in which you can perfectly combine sideboards with wall mirrors.

Creating Captivating Contrasts

In interior décor, contrast helps in breaking away the monotony of a room by offering a visually-stunning view of its elements. It evokes interest by highlighting the finer details of objects. When it comes to wall mirrors and sideboards, you can create a contrast in terms of color and shape.

For example, imagine how perfectly the patterns in the dark greyish frame of a wall mirror would be accentuated if it is complimented with a white colored sideboard!

Similarly, an oval minimalist wall mirror might help to prominently acknowledge the edges and angles of a custom-made sideboard. To captivate attention, you can enhance your combination by contrasting rough and smooth textures as well.

Selecting Tantalizing Theme

Modern day sideboards come primarily in three variants. These are glass, wooden and marble. To create a theme, you can match the styles of wall mirrors and sideboards on the lines of these materials.

Such themes not only add an inviting touch to your room but also beautify space through a soothing combination.

For example a wooden sideboard shall partner perfectly with a modern decorative wall mirror with wooden frame. However, you can also combine two different materials and arrive at a pleasant theme. For example a standard white marbled sideboard coupled with an oval or round mirror without frame would also have a startling effect on your décor.

Comprehending the Size

Unbalanced combination in terms of size can put your room off.  Sideboards with longer length and shorter height occupy greater space horizontally as compared to the ones that have contradictory characteristics.

To find the perfect match for these sideboards, look for large rustic mirror that cover the edges of the sideboards or any other mirror that should be at least 2/3rd of the width of the sideboard. This gives a complete and a neat look to your room.

Using Combination of Mirrors

Using a combination of small decorative wall mirrors is one of the best ways to add value to your home décor. Combining sideboards with 2 or 3 such mirrors gives an enhanced look. However, you need to be very careful with designs.

Choose bold designs for these wall mirrors as they give a clear, strong and vivid appearance. To increase the effectivity, you can use mirrors with different designs too. While choosing the number of mirrors, give a thought to the size of the sideboard as well. Big or long sideboards combined with less number of mirrors will give an empty look to the room.

Pairing the Styles

Sideboards can be styled as antique, modern, French, British etc. All these styles are separate and unique in their own way. For example, a British sideboard uses long or medium legs whereas a modern sideboard may or may not have legs.

Pairing these sideboards with the same styled mirror is a great way of creating a strikingly impressive combination. A perfect French theme will comprise a French wall mirror coupled with a French sideboard. However, an intermix of different styles also gives a remarkable and staggering combination.

Factoring the Color of Wall

The color of the wall is an important part of home décor. After choosing a wall mirror for your sideboard, you can consider blending the duo with the wall. If the background is brighter, you can choose colors like white or light gold to create a perfect fusion.

A combination can also be worked out on contrast principle. For example on a grey wall, dark brownish sideboard with an extra large wall mirror having light green frame might just do the trick.

Mirror your Personal Charishma

The importance of living in an ambiance that provides peace and tranquility cannot be undermined. Wall mirrors do just that by giving an extra dimension to your room or space. Pairing these mirrors with exquisite and sumptuous looking sideboards can help you create a superlative environment and décor in your room. Follow these ways to arrive at the best combination for your sideboard and mirror.

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