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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Mirrors Above Fireplace

For many homeowners, the fireplace is often one of the cosiest corners where they spend a lot of time. The idea of hanging a mirror above it is to enhance the positive features; it’s also an auspicious Feng Shui practice to place a mirror over a fireplace as the water element of the mirror balances the fire element, thus bringing in good energy into the room. But, there are some Dos and Don’ts of this arrangement.

Balance the Size of the Mirror and the Width of the Mantle – The size of the mirror should be two-thirds the width of the mantle. This is a key factor in determining the right direction for hanging it.

When you hang the mirror vertically makes the wall appear taller. Bit if you hang it horizontally it would make the wall to appear wider. Smaller and horizontal mirrors such as decorative hallway mirrors work well in a narrow hallway, rather than over the fireplace.

Consider the Attachment Basics – Adding a frame around the mirror enhances the visual appeal of the space. You can use rustic mirror which add a lot of texture and warmth to the interiors. These frames come in all shapes, size and color. Choose them to complement the theme of your interiors.

The hardware needed to attach a mirror securely must be chosen depending on the weight of the mirror and the type of wall behind it. For drywall, you can hang a mirror on “J” hooks, and for a brick wall, you can hang the mirror by drilling holes into it and inserting plastic or metal anchors into the holes.

Accessorize for a Visual Appeal – Hanging a mirror a few inches above the mantle helps in reflecting the decorative items placed over it. When a mirror is hung over the centre of the mantel, you can place accessories like scented candles, colorful flowers, figurines, on each side of it.

Make the Best of Varied Mirror Shapes – You can also play with mirrors with different shapes. An oval-shaped mirror such as a large modern mirror gives the mantle a unique dimension than a traditional mirror. But don’t go overboard with the shape of the mirror. Keep it geometric and minimalistic.

Experiment with A group of mirrors - A group of mirrors or layering mirrors can also create a vivid display. While a plain mirror with a simple, narrow frame makes a right choice for a small sitting, two or three Simple Square or rectangular shabby chic mirrors hung side by side creates a dazzling effect for any size of the room.

Use Felt Pads – Use felt pads to attach the back of the wooden frame of the mirror. This technique helps avoid the dark marks on the wall by the stain on wooden frames when the mirror is taken down.

Some Don’ts you should follow to make the best use of a Mirror-Fireplace.

Don’t Position the Mirror Too High - Avoid positioning the mirror too high over the fireplace so it could be used functionally. Placing it too high means it could be reflecting the ceiling, a bare wall, a doorway, etc. and deplete its aesthetic appeal.

But depending on the thickness of the frame you can go higher so that you don’t get a dark shadow cast on your décor. Alternatively, use decorative hallway mirrors fill in space above the fireplace for high ceilings.

Don’t Tilt the Mirror Above the Mantel - The mirror should not be tilted above the mantel. If it’s too high, it could make the inhabitants feel awkward with its view.

Don’t Hang a Chandelier With an Exposed Bulb - A mirror above fireplace reflecting a bright chandelier can be glaring to the eyes. An antiqued mirror such as rustic mirror can be used to complement vintage-style lights.


There are a lot of options when it comes to adding beauty and elegance to your home. Why compromise when it comes to the most exceptional place in your home – the fireplace? With all the safety and aesthetic measures let the magic of mirrors spark beauty to the fireplace like never before.

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