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Using French Wall Mirror to Create Charming Interior Spaces

Have you ever wished to live in a country house in France? You may not be able to live in the French countryside, but you may give your home a French provincial feel with a few ornamental details. We've gathered a collection of French-style mirrors to help you achieve the French farmhouse charm you desire in your home.

The famed Palace of Versailles features a lovely gallery called the "Hall of Mirrors" that many visitors travel through on their trips to the castle.

You'll have to forgive our French when it comes to antique mirrors. It's an understatement to say we're smitten with these reflecting and multifunctional décor lovelies. We can scarcely restrain ourselves when it's French mirrors we’re thinking about. A bit of luxury is always a graceful move, and French antique mirrors provide plenty of it, mirroring the essences of Halls of Versailles to the right where you want to put them.

A Lesson in Interior Design With A French Mirror

It's good to be able to employ some of these French decor jargon in dialogue, but implementing a French-styled mirror into your design plan is a whole different ball game. From gilding to gold- and silver-leafed processes to weathered paint finishes and effects, there isn't a room in your house that won't benefit from a vintage or antique mirror.

First, Let's Have A Look at the Bedroom:

What could be more dramatic and beautiful than a large round gold mirror? What a conversation starter!


A mirror-fronted French oak armoire or a 19th-century French carved walnut armoire with a mirrored door, in addition to a headboard, may give practicality and enough space to store various other items of your choice.

The Next Stop is the Bathroom:

The bathroom is the one place in your house that needs a little French flair. These utilitarian areas may be radically transformed and personalized with the addition of a vintage or antique mirror. Choose an oval mirror with a French gilded finish or a large rectangular mirror with flowery elaborate carvings in a French style.

Silver hand-held mirrors, on the other hand, provide a magical touch to any vanity area or bathroom space.

french mirror in bathroom

And the Final Stop is Wherever You’d Like to have Them:

French mirrors are the perfect decorative feature to raise the charming factor of any space, making them a sight full of sight in hallways, living areas, dining areas, stairways, and for that matter, even cooking areas. Hang them alone for a dominating occupancy, in a cluster for a dramatic visual impact, or on the floor for an immediate wow factor.

The phrase "French Traditional" somehow make you feel as though you’re supposed to be strolling through the Halls of Versailles. Intricate details, magnificent deep castings, and lovely antique finishes characterize French Traditional Décor. Here are a few of the most sought-after traditional French wall mirrors.

Sandringham Wall Mirror

The Sandringham is based on the French Country style, with a vintage finish done in white that gives it the right balance of traditional and aged appearance. The Sandringham, like the Gleneagles, has two molded hems that instantly give it a striking appearance.

Amarone Mantle Mirror

The Amarone Mantle Mirror has a wreathed exterior with a vintage gold finishing and exquisite classical molding. Going for a French classic item like the Amarone Gold Mantle Mirror is the best purchase you can make if you want to make a dramatic statement with your mantle!

Maissance Wall Mirrors

The Maissance Mirror is a conventional style with ornamental casting and a bevelled edge mirror. The Maissance Mirror adds a touch of French traditionalism to any room!

Belgrave Leaner Mirror

The Belgrave is a huge leaner mirror with a vintage finish and beautiful molding. This classic mirror will lend a touch of elegance to any home's decor.

Mayfair Leaner Mirror

The Mayfair Leaner is a lovely, traditional-styled mirror with deep sweeping casting and a bevelled edge. Its ornate molding and culminated in white make it a basic yet striking addition to any home!

The Blenheim Leaner Mirror

The Blenheim Leaner Mirror is a typical opulent gold slenderer mirror with traditional elaborate moulding. This French-style Mirror, which stands about ninety high inches tall, is guaranteed to offer a dramatic impression in your house!

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